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Rogers Road, Kittery, ME

The Orchard Grove cemetery is located on Rogers Road, Kittery, ME. On the gateway to this cemetery is an inscription: "This gateway is placed here by the bequest of Harriet Lawrence Adams in memory of her mother Nancy W. NORTON ADAMS and her sister Emily ADAMS, 1904."


William F., 1829-1913

Martha M., wife of William F. PINKHAM, 1834-1913

Ellsworth E., 1866-1924

John E., 1859-1915

Eunice M., wife of John E. PINKHAM, 1859-1945

William R., 1883-1908


Fred M., 1869-1935

Katharine P., wife of Fred M. STACY, 1872-1964


Calvin L., Sergt. Maj. 27th Me. Lieut. 32nd Regt. Me Vols., 1842-1914

Angelia M. PERRY, wife of Calvin L. HAYES, 1843-1911 COBB,

Alberta Hayes, 1866-1917

Elmer E., 1890-1900

Roger A., 1897-1904


Lillian, wife of Charles H. LUTTS, 1879-1945

Charles H., 1874-1958

Arthur, 1887-1903

Cina, 1872-1901

Father, 1838-1928 [C. W. LUTTS]

Mother, 1850-1927

Walter, 1879-1932

Mary I., wife of Walter L. LUTTS, 1881-1954

Ralph, 1876-1932 H. L., 1849-1909

Sarah, 1853-1943

Hilda, 1893-1930

Stanley, 1876-1949


George O., 1851-1942

Hannah M. FROST, wife of George W. WILSON, 1855-1907

Thomas E., 1878-1943

Gertrude PINKHAM, wife of Thomas E. WILSON, 1877-1965

Martha G., 1908-


Henry O., d. in the service of his country, 1916-1943


Albert E., 1885-1966

Emily F., wife of Albert E. ANDERSON, 1882-1959


Edward L., 23 June 1879-7 Oct 1965

Elizabeth M., wife of Edward L. FERNALD, 4 April 1884-8 July 1934

Mary F. DUNCAN, widow of Simon FERNALD, 11 May 1850-7 Aug 1918

Simon, 16 July 1841-30 Sep 1905

Ann L., 25 April 1844-22 April 1928

Capt. Simon [Father], d. at Cette Med Sea, 16 Jan 1848, aged 48 yrs. 10 mos.

Joanna E. [Mother], wife of Capt. Simon FERNALD, d. 9 April 1885, aged 72 yrs. 4 mos.

Warren, son of Capt. Simon FERNALD [rem. Of inscr. illeg.]

Walter L., 31 Jan 1877-24 Sep 1958

Celia E., 13 Aug 1876-12 Dec 1961

[double stone with above]


Capt. Simon, d. 19 Jan 1827, aged 59 yrs.

Mirriam, widow of Capt. Simon FERNALD, d. 8 April 1846, aged 79 yrs


Gordon L., 1931-1931.

Leroy S., 1901-

Olive L., 1904-1966

[ double stone with above]


John, 1831-1904

John, 1795-1832

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