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I have noticed that I am getting alot of visitors to my page which pleases me very much. I am trying to provide those that may not be able to ge to Maine with information that I have come across or have here. I thought that I would do a page of families that I am looking for in hopes that someone can help me where I am stuck. If by chance you can help me with any of the following please e-mail me. Some of this information I have been looking for for a long time.

thanks DanaRae


Thomas Shorey Married Sarah (Sally) Hilton in 1801 in Somersworth New Hampshire. Looking for Parents of both Thomas and Sarah. Also know they were in Acton, Maine. Shapleigh, Maine and Lebannon, Maine.


Moses W. Shorey Married Agnes T Grieves Dec 18 1842 in Amesbury Mass......What ever Happened to them. Can not find anything else on them anywhere.


I would be interested in any Shorey Family information. I am also working on Boutot, Pelletier, Charette Shorette Chamberlain.


thanks again

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