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Kittery and Kittery Point Family Cemeteries

[Earliest date listed: 12 Aug 1720; Newest date listed: 1974]

[13] ADAMS PLOT. Adams road, south side.


Dummer J., 10 July 1830-23 Nov 1911.

Frances J., wife of Dummer J. ADAMS, d. 27 Feb 1865, aged 34 yrs. 2 mos. {b. Dec 1830}

William H., d. 28 April 1918, aged 77 yrs.1 mo. 23 das. {b. 5 Mar 1841}

Hepsie D., dau. of William and Mercy ADAMS, d. 17 March 1891, aged 55 yrs. 7 mos.

Sarah E., dau. of William and Mercy ADAMS, d. 5 May 1867, aged 29 yrs. 4 mos.

Mercy, wife of William ADAMS, d. 1 Nov 1886, aged 82 yrs. 6 mos.

William, d. 15 June 1855, aged 56 yrs. 10 mos.

Sarah, wife of Richard ADAMS, d. 28 Dec 1851 aged 74 yrs.

Daniel, infant son of J. Q. and A. M. ADAMS, d. aged 2 mos. John Q., d. 17 Nov 1916, aged 73 yrs. 9 mos.

Anna M., wife of John Q. ADAMS, d. 26 May 1927, aged 75 yrs. 5 mos.


Wentworth, d. 25 May 1872, aged 43 yrs. 10 mos.


Mercy A., widow of Wentworth HALEY, wife of Daniel R. HUTCHINGS, d. 2 Aug 1891, aged 58 yrs. 3 mos. 25 das. {b. 5 Apr 1833}


Clinton W., 9 Aug 1932-3 March 1933.


Hepsie A., wife of Everett E. PETTIGREW, d. 29 Oct 1919, aged 28 yrs. 8 mos.

Everett E., 1 Oct 1886-7 Feb 1955.

[89] ADAMS PLOT. At Adams Oaks, west side, Route 103, near junction with Dennett Road.


Sarah, wife of John ADAMS, d. 28 Feb 1854, aged 81 yrs.

John, d. 7 Oct 1833, aged 64 yrs.

[11] BADGER PLOT. Located on West end of Badger's Island, on right at end of Thorner's Lane. Outside walled Willey graveyard. BADGER [tomb]. This monument is erected over the grave of William BADGER, shipwright, distinguished for habits of industry and for the activity of his mind. Kind and benevolent he was beloved, persevering, upright and faithful in his engagements he was respected by all with whom he was connected. He built in the course of a long and useful life nearly one hundred vessels. He died on the 22d February Anno Domini MDCCCXXX aged 78.

[63] BADGER PLOT. East side, Otis Avenue, to the rear of 16 Otis Avenue.


William, d. 13 Aug 1833, aged 18 yrs.


Apphia Maria, wife of Samuel BADGER, d. 3 April 1848, aged 50 yrs.

Frederick D., son of Samuel and Apphia BADGER, d. 15 March 1834, aged 3 das.

Infant, son of Samuel and Apphia BADGER, d. 7 Dec 1835.

Capt. George W., d. New Orleans, 3 Aug 1849, aged 22 yrs.

Samuel, d. 27 Sep 1857, aged 63 yrs. 10 das. {b. 17 Sep 1794} Erected 45 vessels.


Frances E. B., dau. of Benjamin and Frances E. BARTLETT, d. 12 Jan 1844, aged 6 mos. 7 das. {b. 5 Aug 1843}

Frances Emily, wife of Benjamin F. BARTLETT, dau. of Samuel and Apphia M. BADGER, d. 17 Sep 1843, aged 23 yrs. 6 mos.


Adelaide, wife of Nathaniel STOODLY, d. 11 Nov 1833, aged 39 yrs.


Lavinia L., wife of Benjamin G. FERNALD, d. Portsmouth, N.H., 15 Oct 1857, aged 55 yrs.

Howard Frank, son of Benjamin C. and Lavinia L. FERNALD, d. Worcester, Mass. 6 Jan 1859, aged 15 yrs. 9 mos.

Daniel Edwin, 12 Sep 1836-28 Oct 1864.

Anner, wife of the late Daniel FERNALD, d. 24 June 1846, aged 79 yrs.

Daniel, d. 9 May 1838, aged 76 yrs.

Ann Olivia, dau. of Benjamin C. and Lavinia L. FERNALD, d. 23 Oct 1831, aged 5 yrs. 3 mos.

Albert, son of Daniel and Anner FERNALD, d. 14 Oct 1819, aged 13 yrs. 7 mos.

[122] BALL PLOT. In Grant's pasture, north side of Rogers Road. No inscriptions.

[24] BELLAMY PLOT. About one hundred yards north of Charles Hill Road.


Mary, eld. dau. of John and Tamson BELLAMY, d. 22 Oct 1868, aged 76 yrs. 1 mo.

John H., d. 22 Sep 1831, aged 26 yrs. 7 mos. 10 das. {b. 12 Feb 1805}

Ann, d. 29 Dec 1868, aged 66 yrs. 3 mos.

John [Father], d. 12 Nov 1834, aged 66 yrs.

Tamson [Mother], wife of John BELLAMY, d. 16 April 1836, aged 66 yrs.


John, d. 16 Sep 1864, aged 73 yrs. 8 mos.

Sarah O., wife of John WILSON, d. 8 July 1872, aged 76 yrs. 2 mos.

[104] BILLINGS PLOT. Northeast side, Wilson Road, on Kittery-Eliot town line.


Margery, widow of Joseph BILLINGS, d. 17 Aug 1848, aged 91 yrs.


Emma, wife of Benjamin F. CATE, d. 6 Nov 1857, aged 28 yrs.

[111] BLAKE PLOT. Twenty yards off east side of Brave Boat Harbor Road, at Bedell's Crossing.

[52] BLANEY PLOT. South side, Manson Road, behind Muchemore farm, in front yard of Richard and Pat Smykowski's residence at 44 Manson Rd.


Mary [Mother] {Keen/Keene}, wife of F. W. BLANEY, Sr., 26 Jan 1808-20 Feb 1883.

Franklin W. [Father], 10 Sep 1808-26 Nov 1890.

Joseph B., {b. 1776}, d. 5 Nov 1863, aged 87 yrs. 4 mos.

Dorothy {Winkley}, wife of Joseph B. BLANEY, {b. 1775}, d. 8 April 1852, aged 77 yrs.

[53] BLANEY PLOT. South side, Manson Road near above BLANEY PLOT in back yard of Robert Needham's residence on 1300 Manson Rd, Kittery, ME.


Mary E. {LEACH}, {first} wife of Franklin W. BLANEY, Jr., {b. Dec 1831}, d. 21 March 1870, aged 38 yrs. 4 mos.

[132] BLODGETT PLOT. Near stone wall, behind 485 Fernald Road; fieldstone with inscription (Veteran, War of 1898).


W. A., [b. 1898?], d. 1917; Co. K, 99 Mass. Inf., U.S. Vol.

[110] BRAGDON PLOT. From Rte #95 northbound, take Rte #236 spur of Exit #3; after 180 degrees into ramp, on high bank at right.

[101] BROOKS PLOT. West side, Wilson Road, next to driveway leading to the [100] HARRILL PLOT.


Annie Luella, dau. of James W. and Anna A. BROOKS, 25 Sep 1855-3 Oct 1863.


Albert S., 1821-1903.

Mary B., 1829-1902.

Hon. Gowen, 30 Sep 1788-17 April 1878.

Nancy FERNALD, wife of Hon. Gowen WILSON, 29 May 1795-6 May 1887.

Gowen Paschal, son of Hon. Gowen and Nancy FERNALD WILSON, 13 July 1828-27 Nov 1850.

Juliet, dau. of Hon. Gowen and Nancy FERNALD WILSON, 11 May 1835-11 Feb 1836.

[105] BROWN PLOT. Northeast side and rear of 16 Wyman Avenue. One inscription, several burials, some marked with fieldstones. A descendant visited in recent times who possessed a plan identifying and locating burials. Fragments of other inscribed stones are reported as present in the 1980's.


Dorothy, d. on the morning of 14 July 1841, aged 68.

[3 stones without inscrs.]

[6] CHAUNCEY-CUTTS PLOT. At the end of Sea Point Beach Road, on property of Miss Rosamond Thaxter. Contains the traditional CHAMPERNOWNE burial cairn, marked in 1959 with inscription by the Kittery Historical Society.


Joseph W., 1896-1962.


David Stetser, son of Richard G. and Jean CUTTS MANKEY, 1960-1964.

Katherine CUTTS, dau. of Richard G. and Jean CUTTS MANKEY, 1950-1974.


Mary, wife of Charles CHAUNCEY, dau. to Hon. Richard CUTTS, Esq., d. 23 April 1758, in the 24th year of her age. With her infant son Charles CHAUNCEY.


Captain Francis, 1614-1687, of Dartington Hall, Devon and Kittery Point in America. Pioneer soldier, proprietor of this island. Kittery Historical Society, 1959. CHAMPERNOWNE, Capt. Francis, born 1614, died 1687. Many of CUTTS family, 1687-1873.

[66] CHAUNCEY PLOT. At foot of Tenney's Hill, near junction of Pepperrell Road and Chauncey Creek Road. One inscribed stone and several fieldstone markers.


Charles, d. 1789, aged 28 yrs.

[72] CHICK-PICOTT PLOT. On northwest side of southbound lane of Route #95, about one hundred yards beyond Cutts Road overpass, past a small marsh, about fifty yards back from traffic.


M. Irma, dau. of G. S. and A. G. CHICK, 4 Dec 1890-6 April 1904.

Sarah F., wife of Sylvester CHICK, d. 8 July 1893, aged 45 yrs. 8 mos.


John H., d. 10 April 1903, aged 58 yrs. 7 mos. 4 das.

Mary, wife of John PICOTT, d. 6 Aug 1885, aged 57 yrs. 4 mos.


Sylvester T., d. 14 June 1904, aged 60 yrs. 8 mos. 2 das. {b. 12 Nov 1843}

[58] COLE PLOT. North side, Martin Road, at junction with Old Dennett Road Extension.

COLE, Sarah, wife of Eli COLE, d. 28 Aug 1863, aged 87 yrs. 4 mos.

Eli, d. 21 Jan 1858, aged 77 yrs.

Mary J., wife of Woodbury COLE, d. 24 Jan 1901, aged 77 yrs. 5 mos. 4 das.{b. 20 Sep 1823}

Woodbury, d. 10 July 1894, aged 80 yrs. 4 mos. 11 das. {b. 27 Feb 1814}

James M., d. 10 Jan 1845, aged 34 yrs. 26 das. {b. 12 Dec 1810}


Annie COLE, 1846-1937.


Alice M., wife of Henry C. COLE, d. 30 Aug 1878, aged 27 yrs. 1 mo.

Oscar E., son of Henry C. and Alice M. COLE, d. 12 May 1878, aged 2 yrs. 9 mos.

Henry C., 24 Nov 1848-15 Nov 1936. George E., 13 Sep 1851-19 Feb 1904.

[127] COLE-PETTIGREW PLOT. Inside southbound Rte #95 cloverleaf from Dennett Road to Rte #95, at its northern end.

[26] CUTTS PLOT. West side, Cutts Road, at junction with Betty Welch Road, next to tennis court.


Mrs. Lydia, consort of Richard CUTTS, dau. of Mr. James and Mrs. Sarah JOHNSON, d. 29 Nov 1824, aged 30 yrs.

Richard, Jr., d. 1 April 1833, aged 42 yrs. [footstone reads W. R. C.]

[82] CUTTS PLOT. West side, Remick's Lane on Castle Hill.


Theodore A., d. 3 May 1853, aged 81 yrs.

Mary, wife of Theodore A. CUTTS, d. 13 April 1853, aged 86 yrs.

[120] DEARING PLOT. Unmarked graves in back yard (ocen side) of Bray House, Pepperrell Road, Kittery Point.

[32] & [124] DENNETT PLOT. East side, Dennett Road, opposite the present family plot.


Mary, wife of John DENNETT, d. 1777, aged 68 yrs.

John, d. 26 Oct 1797, aged 89 yrs.

Mary, widow of William DENNETT, d. 6 March 1843, aged 91 yrs.

William, d. 25 Oct 1803, aged 64 yrs.

William, son of Joseph and Abigail DENNETT, d. 16 March 1812, aged 14 yrs.

Augustus, son of Mark and Alice DENNETT, d. 30 Dec 1811, aged 2 yrs.

Alice, wife of Mark DENNETT, d. 4 Feb 1819, aged 33 yrs.

Mark, d. 30 April 1883, aged 96 yrs. 8 mos.

Miriam, wife of Mark DENNETT, d. 10 Aug 1881, aged 78 yrs. 9 mos.

Oren W., son of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 14 Aug 1859, aged 20 yrs.

Emily, dau. of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 15 July 1856, aged 22 yrs.

Sylvester J., son of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 30 Aug 1847, aged 25 yrs.


Charles W., son of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 6 April 1847, aged 21 yrs.

Sarah, dau. of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 21 Feb 1844, aged 20 yrs.

Betsey, dau. of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 18 Nov 1841, aged 24 yrs.

John, son of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 12 May 1838, aged 2 yrs.

Louisa, dau. of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 17 June 1847, aged 3 yrs.

Ellen M., dau. of Alexander and Mary K. DENNETT, 8 Oct 1839-7 Jan 1922.

Mary Alice, dau. of Alexander and Mary K. DENNETT, d. 19 May 1849, aged 9 mos.

Alexander, 10 Nov 1811-6 May 1889.

Mary Kingsbury, wife of Alexander DENNETT, dau. of Enoch and Sally R. REMICK, York, Me., 10 May 1819-Kittery, Me., 17 July 1878.

William A., son of Alexander and S. Eva DENNETT, 2 July 1885-12 Aug 1911.

Mary E., dau. of Alexander and S. Eva DENNETT, 28 Nov 1894-13 July 1895.

Sarah Eva, wife of Alexander DENNETT, dau. of Warrington and Sarah A. E. PAUL, 14 March 1856-9 June 1899.

Alexander, Lieut., U.S. Coast Guard, 13 April 1853-24 Dec 1934.

Elizabeth A., wife of Ralph DENNETT, 3 Sep 1889-16 May 1943.


Joseph, 10 Nov 1832-16 May 1918.

Julia Ann, wife of Joseph LANGTON, 21 Jan 1828-29 Nov 1903.

Mark Dennett, son of Joseph and Julia Ann LANGTON, d. 8 June 1866, aged 2 yrs. 6 mos.

Joseph Edward, son of Joseph and Julia Ann LANGTON, d. 29 Oct 1860, aged 3 mos. 19 das. {b. 10 Jul 1860}


Emmie Fidelia, dau. of Burlington and Mary D. PAUL, d. 6 Oct 1860, aged 1 mo. 6 das.

Mary Wilson, dau. of Burlington and Mary D. PAUL, d. 23 Sep 1862, aged 8 mos.

Mary D., wife of Burlington PAUL, dau. of Mark and Miriam DENNETT, d. 22 March 1863, aged 33 yrs.


Sarah K. DENNETT, wife of Edward S. MARSHALL, d. 6 June 1870, aged 24 yrs. 1 mo.


Lizzie, wife of Frank HILL, dau. of Alexander and Mary DENNETT, born York, Me., 13 Aug 1841, died Washburn, Mo., 5 Sep 1868.

[37] DENNETT PLOT. West side, Haley Road, at entrance to Goose Point residence of Rear Adm. John H. Brown, Jr., U.S.N., ret.


Capt. Thomas, d. 7 March 1840, aged 57 yrs.

John, d. 21 Dec 1833, aged 18 yrs.

Dorcas, widow of John DENNETT, 17 Oct 1776-1 Nov 1857.

Capt. John, 19 April 1772-25 June 1837.

Betsy, wife of Capt. John DENNETT, d. 19 March 1807, aged 35 yrs.

Sarah, dau. of Joseph and Margaret DENNETT, d. 15 Oct 1818, aged 16 yrs.


Betsy, wife of Capt. John FRISBEE, dau. of John and Betsy DENNETT, d. 5 Nov 1817, aged 19 yrs.

[28] DIXON-ROGERS PLOT. Near Dennett Road, Kittery.


Mary, wife of William W. DICKSON, d. [30 Aug 1865?], aged 30 yrs. 1 mo.

Willie H., son of William and Mary S. DICKSON, d. 10 Sep 1862, aged 3 yrs. 11 mos.

Thomas, d. 31 March 1854, aged 57 yrs.

Martha H., wife of Thomas DIXON, d. 4 April 1855, aged 54 yrs. 2 mos.

Lucy Ann, dau. of Thomas and Martha DIXON, d. 19 Feb 1852, aged 8 yrs. 8 mos.


Samuel P., son of Louis and Sarah ROGERS, d. 17 April 1854, aged 10 mos.

[5] EASTWICK-FERNALD PLOT. Near former U.S. Naval Prison, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Several fieldstone markers, traditionally for Fernald graves, and only one inscription, the oldest Kittery dated stone (1714). Stop at Gate #1 for entry pass.

[129] ENDLE/ENDALL PLOT. Recorded by Stackpole as being on Briant's (now Goose) Point (pp. 62-63 & 371). No inscriptions; precise location not apparent today.

[20] EVELETH PLOT. Southwest of junction of Leach and Dennett Roads, about 100 yards in woods, near Kittery-Eliot boundary, and about 300 feet to the rear of the southwest corner of Mrs. Joseph Marshall's paddock.


John. Here Lyes Buri'd the Body of the Rev'd Mr. John EVELETH who Departed this Life Aug't 1st, Anno Dom: 1734 Aged 65 Years.

[27] FERNALD PLOT. East side, Cutts Road.


Olive Ann, dau. of Cyrus and Olive FERNALD, d. 8 Feb 1867, aged 19 yrs. 7 mos. 24 das.

Stephen E., son of Cyrus and Olive FERNALD, 6 June 1850-18 Jan 1925.

Cyrus [Father], d. 22 May 1913, aged 96 yrs.

Olive, wife of Cyrus FERNALD, d. 13 April 1884, aged 71 yrs. 4 mos.

Sally Ann, wife of Cyrus FERNALD, d. 17 March 1842, aged 27 yrs.

[30] FERNALD PLOT. Southeast corner of intersection of Dennett Road with Martin Road, about 200 feet to the rear of the Hooke residence.


Hannah, wife of Nathan FERNALD, d. 13 Jan 1835, aged 68 yrs.


Mrs. May Ann, wife of William MARTIN, d. 14 Sep 1829, aged 31 yrs.


Mary, wife of Silas RYDER, d. 18 March 1863, aged 88.


Mary N., dau. of J. S. and A. E. MESERVE, d. 2 April 1866, aged 6 yrs.

[31] FERNALD PLOT. Between Dennett Road and Old Dennett Road Extension, near junction with Martin Road.


Ella FERNALD, 21 July 1855-2 Sep 1904.


Clara, dau. of Mark and A. E. FERNALD, d. 23 Feb 1849, aged 1 yr. 4 mos. 13 das. {b. 10 Nov 1847}

John D., d. 11 Jan 1892, aged 69 yrs. 3 mos.

Mary Ann, wife of John D. FERNALD, d. 2 May 1896, aged 68 yrs. 7 mos.

Capt. Mark, d. 7 May 1818, aged 67 yrs.

Mrs. Mary, d. 27 Aug 1820, aged 70 yrs.

Mark, d. 20 Jan 1832, aged 49 yrs.

Margery, wife of Mark FERNALD, d. 18 June 1864, aged 77 yrs.

Julia A., wife of Mark FERNALD, d. 17 Sep 1894, aged 73 yrs.

Samuel, d. 14 Oct 1886, aged 73 yrs. 5 mos. 22 das.

Lavinia, wife of Samuel FERNALD, d. 18 June 1897, aged 81 yrs. 3 mos.

Wilber F., d. 28 Oct 1885, aged 40 yrs. 5 mos. 2 das.

Mary Ann, wife of Wilber F. FERNALD, 3 Dec 1849-24 March 1922.

Earnest W., 16 May 1875-6 March 1902.

Mary A., wife of C. W. FERNALD, d. 16 Jan 1867, aged 32 yrs.

Frank S., son of C. W. and M. A. FERNALD.

Charles W., d. 8 Oct 1885, aged 49 yrs. 6 mos. 27 das. {b. 9 Mar 1836}

Annie, d. 19 Oct 1867, aged 16 yrs. 2 mos.


Cora G., wife of S. Herbert STERLING, d. 11 July 1887, aged 29 yrs. 11 mos. 9 das. {b. 2 Sep 1857}


John, 14 Aug 1839-27 June 1916; Co. G, 27th Me. Regt.

Julia A. FERNALD, wife of John SHAPLEIGH, d. 13 Aug 1900, aged 58 yrs. 2 mos. 11 das. {b. 2 Jun 1842}

[34] FERNALD PLOT. East side, Fernald Road.


Margery C., wife of William A. FERNALD, d. 26 Feb 1892, aged 64 yrs. 7 mos

. William A., 24 June 1829-27 June 1898.

Sarah Ann, widow of William S. FERNALD, late wife of Jonathan LEIGHTON, d. 9 Sep 1864, aged 57 yrs.

William S., d. 12 Oct 1848, aged 46 yrs. F.

Clinton, M.D., Portsmouth, 14 June 1858-Eliot, Me., 17 June 1889.

Wentworth, d. 19 Jan 1878, aged 84 yrs. 11 mos.

Meriam E., wife of Wentworth FERNALD, d. 1 June 1836, aged 36 yrs.

William W., d. 8 Sep 1851, aged 91 yrs.

Waite, widow of William W. FERNALD, d. 2 Sep 1855, aged 87 yrs.


Ella Frances, dau. of A. and E. CHADBOURN, d. 21 Sep 1819, aged 9 wks.

Lillian, dau. of A. J. and Frances E. CHADBOURN, d. 3 Oct 1861, aged 4 wks.

Frank Judson [ prob. Son of same]


Sarah Ann, wife of Rev. James CUSHING, d. 9 June 1845, aged 35 yrs.

James M., son of Rev. James and Sarah Ann CUSHING, d. 1 March 1844.

James H., son of Rev. James and Sarah Ann CUSHING, d. 23 Aug 1843, aged 3 mos.

[47] FERNALD PLOT. North side, Maine Turnpike, about 1/2 mile north of Kittery exit.


Stephen, d. 10 Feb 1857, aged 72 yrs. {b. 1775}

Alice, wife of Stephen FERNALD, d. 26 Jan 1868, aged 87 yrs. {b. 1781}

[91] FERNALD-FROST PLOT. North side, Stevenson Road.


Edward E. [Brother], son of Joshua and Mary FROST, d. 4 June 1884, aged 18 yrs. 8 mos.


Calvin, son of Reynald and Rachel M. FERNALD, d. 14 Sep 1852, aged 5 yrs. 7 mos.

Reynald, d. 3 Dec 1868, aged 68 yrs. 6 mos.

Rachel M., wife of Reynald FERNALD, d. 10 Nov 1908, aged 96 yrs. 4 mos. 12 das. {b. 26 Jun 1812}

[93] FERNALD-TUTTLE PLOT. West side, Tilton Avenue, on lawn behind Paradis residence.


Lucy, widow of Joseph FERNALD, d. 16 Dec 1875, aged 66 yrs. 9 mos.

Joseph, d. 17 Aug 1871, aged 57 yrs. 4 mos.

Thomas, d. 16 Nov 1864, aged 39 yrs. 3 mos.

[--? Prob. Daniel], d. [---?] aged 81.

Pheba, wife of Daniel FERNALD, d. 11 Aug 1850, aged 56 yrs.


Ellen, d. 5 Feb 1817, aged 11 yrs. 1 mo.


Josephine, dau. of Joseph and Eunice TUTTLE, d. 18 April 1870, aged 11 yrs. 6 das. {b. 12 Apr 1859}

[97] FERNALD PLOT. South side, Whipple Road, about halfway between Old Ferry Lane and Bowen Road, adjacent to driveway with stone gateposts.


Capt. Benjamin, d. 3 March 1854, aged 89 [or 88] yrs.

Eunice, wife of Capt. Benjamin FERNALD, d. 4 Feb 1852, aged 78 yrs.

[98] FERNALD-PINKHAM PLOT. Western corner of Whipple Road and Bowen Road.


Betsey, wife of John FERNALD, d. 22 March 1842, aged 68 yrs.


Julia, widow of Moses PINKUM, d. 18 July 1841, aged 28 yrs.

[1] FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH PLOT. Junction Haley and Pepperrell Roads, Kittery Point, behind the Church. See separate listing for names.


Junction Haley and Crockett's Neck Roads, Kittery Point. Formerly called Chapel Cemetery. See separate listing for names.

[3] FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH PLOT. Intersection of Pepperrell Road and Gerrish Lane, opposite the Church, Kittery Point. Includes a Thaxter inscription which is a poem by Robert Browning, the memorial to casualties in the wreck of the ship Hattie Eaton in 1876, and the grave of the Church's first minister (relocated here early in this century(, Rev. John Newmarch. See separate listing for names.

[9] FRISBEE PLOT. Located on South side of Captain's Way, Gerrish Island, at right of driveway to No. 9, near the residence of Storer Decatur. Headstones are down, but footstones remain visible within granite-posted enclosure.


Abby H., wife of Capt. Abram FRISBEE, d. 30 May 1866, aged 41 yrs. Capt.

James, d. 6 April 1864, aged 69 yrs.

[7] GERRISH-GOODWIN PLOT. Located on Gerrish Island, between Goodwin Road and the sea, one hundred yards beyond the Goodwin family residence, built in 1882.


Sacred to the memory of the Honourable Timothy GERRISH Esqre late of His Majesty's Councill for ye province of the Massachusetts-Bay in the New-England; one of His Majesty's Magistrates of the Common Pleas for ye County of York; a sincere friend of ye church; a citizen of discretion and of publick spirit; who departed this life upon ye 19th day of Novr 1755, aged 71 yrs.

Mrs. Sarah ELIOT GERRISH, relict of ye above and daughter of the late Honble Robert ELIOT, of New Castle, Esqre. Who deceased upon ye 27th of October 1770, aged 83 years. Within this enclosure rest also the remains of many of their descendants.


William Hobbs, 9 Oct 1822-13 May 1897.

Mary EVERT, wife of William Hobbs GOODWIN, 28 Aug 1828-8 Sep 1910.

Wendell, 6 May 1853-1 March 1898.


Frances, 17 Dec 1854-15 March 1932.

William Hobbs, Jr., 16 Sep 1929-1 Dec 1943.

Eleanor SHERWIN, wife of William Hobbs GOODWIN, Jr., 14 Feb 1871-6 June 1950.

[86] GODSOE PLOT. Northeast, Rogers Road, in Grant's pasture. Two inscribed (though not contemporary) stones are stored at Kittery Historical and Naval Museum; all others are fieldstones.


John, b. child of 1660, and descendants graves.

John and Luke, Soldiers in Revolution.


Lieut. John, b. 8 July 1742. An officier in the Revolution. William, 1645. Descendants graves.

[76] GORDON PLOT. East side, Post Road (U.S. 1), near Kittery-York boundary in stone-walled enclosure, about one hundred yards from traffic, opposite [75] HALEY-JOHNSON-HOOPER PLOT.


Louise E. [Sister], wife of Lyman Clark, d. 28 Dec 1889, aged 46 yrs. 2 mos.

Mary J. dau. of Lyman and Louise CLARK, d. 7 May 1866, aged 7 das.

[2 stones overturned]


Hattie L., dau. of William and Hannah GORDON, d. 28 April 1870, aged 24 yrs.

Lydia M., dau. of William and Hannah b, d. 18 May 1867, aged 32 yrs. 4 mos.

Nathaniel, d. 31 July 1875, aged 45 yrs.

Arvilla, wife of Nathaniel GORDON, d. 7 May 1859, aged 25 yrs.

Ann A., dau. of Nathaniel and Arvilla GORDON, d. 2 June 1859, aged 1 yr. 9 mos.

[21] GRANT-GUNNISON-MITCHELL PLOT. Northwest side, Brave Boat Harbor Road, near the York-Kittery town line on east side of a wood road. From the latter, follow stone wall eastward. Wood road has a metal bar-type gate set back about twenty feet from right-of-way. Fieldstone markers as well as inscribed stones.


Mary, d. 19 Aug 1863, aged 79 yrs.

Albert, adopted son of Mary GUNNISON, d. 16 Aug 1859, aged 12 yrs.


Sally, wife of Thomas GRANT, d. 6 March 1878, aged 81 yrs. 3 mos.



[64] GUNNISON PLOT. In south yard of Lady Pepperrell House. Only a single inscribed stone where were once several burials.


Mary, wife of Elihu GUNNISON, d. 7 May 1726, aged 42 yrs.

[123] GUNNISON PLOT. In grove of trees in trailer park, at corner of Cutts Road and Rte #1. Reported to a Gunnison descendant by Frank Neal. No trace of markers as of 1993.

[41] HALEY PLOT. West side, Haley Road, on a point of land on Spruce Creek owned by Joseph Moulton.


Simeon, d. 15 Jan 1849, aged 80 yrs.

Elizabeth, wife of Simeon HALEY, d. 21 Feb 1850, aged 82 yrs.

Charles H., son of William and Sarah HALEY, d. 10 Aug 1851, aged 11 mos.

Rebecca, wife of William HALEY, d. 20 Jan 1849, aged 50 yrs.

[44] HALEY PLOT. East side, Haley Road, about 1/2 mile south of Rte #1. Follow stone wall to the north from where it parallels Haley Road.


John R., d. 22 July 1864, aged 43 yrs.

[45] HALEY-WILSON PLOT. Between Route 1 (Post Road) and Route 95, approached from Route 1 via Durgin (Idlewood) Lane, through a small trailer settlement to an old cart road leading to the house. Burials are atop knoll beside old barn. Transcript courtesy of Dr. Hilda Fife.


Rev. Joel,, 1820-1902.

Mary A., 1816-1896.

George S., son of J. and M. A. WILSON, 1852-1856

. Ella N., dau. of J. and M. A. WILSON, 1856-1859.

Joseph H., son of J. and M. A. WILSON, 1858-1860.

Jane, d. 1 Dec 1894, aged 79 yrs

. Charles, d. 24 June 1841, aged 23 yrs.

Joseph, d. 5 June 1861, aged 72 yrs.


Elizabeth W., wife of John PAUL, d. 10 Nov 1890, aged 68 yrs.


Joel, d. 10 Dec 1798, aged 46 yrs. [Note: The late Joseph Wilson HOBBS of Kittery was a grandson of the Rev. Joel WILSON. A biographical sketch of Joel WILSON in Biographical Review: Leading Citizens of York County, Maine [Boston, Biographical Review Publishing Co., 1896], notes that Joel's parents Joseph and Betsey HALEY WILSON are buried in a private cemetery on the farm.]

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